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Welcome to your ultimate massage fantasy make real! We are professional massage therapists specially trained in the ways of the tantra

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Our tantric massage is a sensual derived from the techings of tantric that allows the user to attain peace, tranquility and obviosly, pleasure.A tantric massage relaxes the body and lets the mind wander off on its own into subliminal bliss.A Tantric Massage is aimed at providing the mind with the rest it needs, the body with the healing it needs and the soul with the energy it requires.


The final fusiom result in reduces tensio and stress, the release of built up emotions, brtter blood flow, lower blood pressure, mental healing and better ejaculatory control.


The Tantric massage itself is a mind-blowing and ecstatic experience that entices the mind and heightesns the sense Once heaightened, it sends them on a roller coaster ride they and will never forget.


Once you true sense have been awakened. the following teasing willreally set you off. A Tantric massage ver will never be over as asoon as you may think. The whole purpose is to give you pleasure rather than making you have an orgasm. The teasing is all part of the massage and absolutely essential.


A Tantric massage is an exprience that truly unlike any other. We provide authentic Tantric massage that are yet to be matched.  


We hope you will capture every detail of this beautiful experience with us in your mind.

Whether a visitor or a resident, we hope you will have a special memory of TLC Massage - always.


We politely ask that all gentlemen are freshly washed or showered, particularly in those intimate areas, as this will make for a much more pleasurable experience for both parties. If you are visiting our Central London Studio, please note we have shower facilities on site, if you would like to shower before and after the experience.

Our pleasure is your pleasure!