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Welcome to your ultimate massage fantasy made real! we are professional massage therapists specialy trained in the ways of the tantric.

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Traditional Chinese Massage is becoming increasingly popular in the Western world and particularly in cosmopolitan cities such as London. Using physical pressure and manipulation, we can evaluate your health and determine the best way to help. Monitoring your energy flow, or chi, in your body is how Traditional Chinese Massage heals and promotes wellness for you. Increasing popularityMany types of techniques and styles are in use and the numbers of clients continue to grow as Westerners adapt and blend the techniques into their own styles of therapeutic massage. Many techniques have been adapted from China and traditional Chinese medicine, including Acupressure, QiGong meditation, and Tui Na and shiatsu massage techniques. Method usedAcupressure is based on the meridian theory and uses finger pressure to press on key points on the skin to stimulate the body's natural ability to heal itself. When acupressure points are stimulated, muscle tension is released, and circulation is encouraged. QiGong is a hands-on and hands-off therapy that aims to balance the flow of energy thought the body to improve circulation. It involves breathing, meditation and gentle movement. Tui Na is also used in traditional Chinese medicine and uses invigorating or soothing techniques. There are more than 365 hand movements in Tui Na, including pressing, rubbing, shaking, manipulation and percussion. The goal of many Oriental massage techniques is to regulate and control the energy and circulation in the body to heal and prevent disease. TheoryMany Oriental massage techniques are based in traditional Chinese medicine and use the Meridian and Five-Element theory to treat clients. The Five-Element system sees the body as a whole, so that problems in one area may be caused by another. It relies on the concept of energy, or "chi," which is stored in organs and moves through pathways all over the body called "meridians." When energy becomes blocked, deficient or excessive, a health practitioner will diagnose a certain organ or organs as the cause of the problem and prescribe a certain healing modality to resolve the issue. We hope you will capture every detail of this beautiful experience with us in your mind. Whether a visitor or a resident, we hope you will have a special memory of TLC Massage - always.

We politely ask that all gentlemen are freshly washed or showered, particularly in those intimate areas, as this will make for a much more pleasurable experience for both parties. If you are visiting our Central London Studio, please note we have shower facilities on site, if you would like to shower before and after the experience.

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